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Breathe New Life into Your Furniture If you’re going to have your carpets cleaned, why not have your upholstered furniture maintained as well? Home and office furniture tend to show signs of dirt and grime over a period of time, specifically if these upholstered pieces..READ MORE

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Our professional organic cleaners make sure that the cleaning process goes deeper than just the surface of your carpet. Through a deep-clean procedure using hot-water extraction. We work hard to deliver quality work for all of our clients. Whether you have wool and silk carpets or acrylic and synthetic fiber carpeting in your home, ECONDT Organic Carpet Cleaning guarantees high-quality results.

ECONDT rug cleaning experts understand that no two rugs are exactly alike. So whether you have a cotton rug or a poly bend variety, a vintage Persian or a contemporary rug, our organic cleaning specialists are prepared to clean your pieces to perfection, making them look brand-new..

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Looking for a highly reliable carpet and mattress cleaning company? you have come to the right place. At ECONDT, we can answer your needs with utmost professionalism. For the past years, the company has been providing deep cleaning services which range from furniture cleaning to carpet cleaning. 

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If you have allergies, dont worry our eco friendly cleaning product are allergy free and are safe for kids and pets, please make our technician aware of your allergy as some products may be of risk to you.

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