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Econdt can handle this if it happens to you. We offer a permanent fix that will last’s forever, weather it’s one spot or an entire area we can help. Carpet cleaning in Brussels is what we do and we do it with experience. Animal mistakes are very common when you bring a new cat or dog into a house teaching them to potty 5

Some times our old friends just have an accident or eat something that makes there stomach upset and you had no way to stop it, next your left with a bad mess that will leave a very hard to remove stain on your clean carpet and most of the time an odor that seams to never go away.

Try these tips and tricks and see if it resolved the issue of your pet stain or pet odor. If your still not satisfied then please call Econdt and we can help with specialized chemicals specif for the job, we’ll fix it. Carpet cleaning and stain removing is our profession and that also includes Red Wine stains, Food Stains, Urine stains, Ink Stains and oil and grease Stains. We can not guarantee to remove all stains every time but we can guarantee the best and most accurate chemical will be used and treated by a trained professional.

Our chemicals are pet safe and very effective in removing animal urine and bad odor from the carpet and the carpet padding with permanent results.


  • ECO Nettoyage de tapis et moquettes. 
  • ECO Entretien de divers revêtements.
  • ECO Nettoyage général.

we take carpet cleaning seriously


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